Friday, March 13, 2009

Etude "Heirloom" Pinot Noir, 2003 Carneros, Napa Valley

This bottle was really singing tonight! A very solid wine example of the Etude single vineyard Pinot regime. Well made start to finish. Stood up and brought to room temperature for about 30 minutes before opening. Immediately it was impressive and after an hour grew more complex. Mellowed with time, this could easily go another 5 years as it was still chock full of complexity and concentration, yet smooth as silk. I remember initially having this wine and remembering it was a big wine that would need time to mellow out.
I picked this up with a few other bottles of the 2003 and this was my last bottle. It was an extraordinary wine and as I type this can smell strawberry wafting up from the glass about 14 inches from my face. This is an exceptional wine that is a big step up from the standard Carneros Etude that retails for about $30-40. For tat amount of money you can do better for Pinot. However in some cases this wine, since it’s so rare, can be picked up auction for a really good price. In retail forget it, this is probably $80 plus! GHAST...I just went to the winery webpage and it was $90! I think I paid about $70 at the time in 2005 for it at the winery. The Temblor and Deer Camp are a much more palatable $60. I have a few lying down but they are probably getting ready to go soon.
Color: Dark red center turning light ruby at the edges, very vibrant color.
Nose: Classic Pinot aromas of cherry, silky strawberry dusted with a touch of mocha and a hint of sublet cinnamon spice and I said, very complex.
Palate: Silky smooth start to finish with a nice touch of acidity. Strawberry and cherry flavors fan out into ever so slightly spicy cedar and earthy notes of mushroom and earth.


P.S.: I am planning on getting the notes up for the 1999 vintage Napa Cabernet tasting up soon! As well as a big night out at the wine bar Terroir in wine bar experience I have to say I have ever had!

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